Here are the riders in the break: Robert Forster (Milram), Pablo Lastras Garcia (Caisse d'Epargne), Anders Lund (Saxo), Feliz Rafael Cardenas (Barloworld), Ben Swift (Katusha), Angel Gomez (Fuji-Servetto), Francesco De Bonis (Serramenti) and Guillaume Bonnagond (Ag2R). Rabobank is riding tempo at the front. Garmin at the front. Garzelli is indeed leading Basso on the descent. 7 km to go: Sastre is in the front group but Lovkvist has missed the move. Menchov has jumped on Di Luca's wheel. I don't think any present GC concerns for the pack. The race is in play. Three riders have pulled away: Anthony Charteau, B. Huzarski and Paolo Tiralongo. 15 km to go: The climb is about to get steep. And vice-versa. Looks like the speed is being lifted some. Armstrong is sitting about 2/3's back in the pack. I'm sure Liquigas was quite happy to let LPR use themselves up. 3 km to go: Grivko has 6sec. They have 4min 35sec. Di Luca is moving towards the front as the race enters Frosinone. Horner tore a leg muscle when he crashed in stage 10. 5 km to go: Grivko takes off from the break. Since this might be the last real chance for a big field sprint I am sure the sprinters' team will do all they can to make sure it's all together in Florence. Il Giro d'Italia 2009, novantaduesima edizione della "Corsa Rosa", si è svolto in 21 tappe dal 9 al 31 maggio 2009, per un totale di 3 456 km, ed è stato vinto dal russo Denis Men'šov Indice 1 Percorso LPR is at the front of the rising road, making sure no one gets any foolish ideas about taking off and making Di Luca chase. 25 km to go: Marzano has 20sec. Barloworld's Soler tries an attack and gives up. De etappe werd door de organisatie geneutraliseerd na protesten van de wielrenners die het traject te gevaarlijk vonden. Da Bologna a Verona He's dropped. He has a lead of 11sec. Garmin is at the front of the pack right now with Columbia with them. 10:25 AM Eastern USA time: All the riders have gone through the first check point at 18.6 km. He looks good. Mee gefuer. Paved Road Climbs Time gap to the peloton is 1min 40sec at Montelupo Fiorentino. The peloton is still rather large so the climbers haven't started throwing high heat yet. May 9, Saturday: Stage 1, Lido di Venezia, 20.5 km. Di Luca is right there with the Astana riders. Average speed for the stage so far: 39.483 km/hr. Sastre is doing all the work of leading Basso up the volcano. Oral History Project It's now at 3min 43sec. 3 km to go: Pelizotti still looks good. In the pack Armstrong is wearing his race face, he's taken off his sunglasses. Leipheimer has several teammates to help with the chase back to the Maglia Rosa group. Sastre has passed Cunego. 12 km to go: Siutsou (Columbia) takes off. In the front : Popovych, Cunego, Bosisio and Scaponi. Team time trial. LPR is still at the front, chugging away. So is Di Luca. Descending Moncenisio: Soler has been caught by the peloton and Garzelli must be riding like his hair is on fire. In the break, a lot of the usual suspects: Jose Serpa (best placed rider in the break, I think, at about 10min), Leonardo Bertagnolli (both Serramenti), Lars Ytting Bak (Saxo), Andriy Grivko (ISD) Pablo Lastras Garcia (Caisse d'Epargne), Marco Pinotti (Columbia), Daniel Navarro (Astana),Eduar Vorganov (Xacobeo), Marco Manzano (Lampre), Serge Pauwels (Cervelo), Nikita Eskov (Katusha), Gorazd Stangelj (Liquigas), Mauro Facci (Quick step), Alessandro Donati (Acqua & Sapone), Hector Gonzalez (Fuji) and Matteo Montaguti (LPR). 60 km to go: Lampre looks like it is doing a team time trial at the front of the peloton. After Di Luca failed to put a dent in Menchov's armor yesterday in a stage that was perfectly suited to Di Luca's abilities, Di Luca vowed that this race is not over. Now rain has started to fall on the race. The road may be in good condition, but it is very twisty. 4 km to go: 1min 3sec. The peloton is going 6kph faster than Garzelli at the moment. 3 km to go: Gilbert, Pozzato and Gasparotto got away on the final descent. Cunego is 9min 43sec down on GC. Basso goes with Menchov, Garzelli and Di Luca on his wheel. Giro d'Italia director calls for 'sanctions' on Jumbo-Visma and EF Pro Cycling after COVID-19 dispute. The break's lead is 22sec. The gap to the Voeckler group is 1min 27sec. The Pra Martino climb has started for the breakaway. Near the end Pauwels was told to wait for Cervelo team leader Sastre beacuse Basso was rampaging down the road and Sastre needed help. Rabobank is doing its duty and riding at the front of the peloton. They are together now. Basso is leading Garzelli now and both still look smooth. 35 km to go: On the Monte Casale ascent. Flat. Km 130: The average speed for the third hour was 45.20 kph. Armstrong and Leipheimer are sitting right behind LPR, which is leading the peloton. This is a high-quality break of 8 extremely motivated racers. Km 28: Gazzetta dello Sport reports that of the 188 starters for today's stage, Chris Horner (Astana) was not among them. Garzelli is in trouble as well. Riders in the break are in their small front rings. Pellizotti takes second and then I think Menchov. About Us Lovkvist has made it up to the Maglia Rosa group after missing the split. Menchov takes the stage and Di Luca probably takes the Pink Jersey. A total of 198 riders from 22 teams entered the 21-stage race, which was won by Colombian Nairo Quintana of the Movistar Team team. Giro d'Italia 2020 live TV guide Live TV coverage of the 2020 Giro d'Italia from Eurosport and S4C. Etapp krut, an e bis un d'Enn géint säin Haaptkonkurrent Danilo Di Luca verdeedege konnt.. Generalklassement Forecast is a 70% chance of light rain developing in the afternoon. The Cardenas group is at 5min. 3 km to go: The final ascent of the Anagni has started. Still no racing, but they are going fast. 7 km to go: 2min. The gap to the break is down to 1min 9sec. The gap is 3min 15sec. Results: The stage was neutralized (see live updates below results). 25 km to go: The climb hasn't really started to bite, the leaders are still in their big rings. Now the peloton gets its musettes. The finish: No one was giving up. Di Luca goes with Menchov on his wheel. Pellizotti has only 12sec. Giro d'Italia 2009 var den 92. udgave af Giro d'Italia, en af cykelsportens Grand Tours.Løbet blev kørt fra 9. til 31. maj 2009, og markerede 100-års-jubilæet for løbets første udgave. Km 74: This looks like the day's break. 50 km to go: The road has started to rise and dip a bit. LPR is at the front of the peloton. Armstrong has closed up to the Basso group. 83 km to go: The Serramenti rides are still driving the break. 2 km to go: It's Basso, Di Luca, Sastre, Leipheimer Menchov and Horner. The riders are unzipping their jerseys in the oven-like temperatures the day has brought. Gap is 2min 56sec. Now it's only 30sec. Is Di Luca planing something for the Turchino. Now Cunego is off. The break is going 46 kph while the chasing peloton is screaming along at 52 kph. the best placed is Cadenas, 104min down. That's a lot of distance to close in such a short time. He looks good, una bella figura! It was a pretty dominating performance. Gasparotto has caught him and the 2 have about 7 seconds. ISD rider Dymitro Grabovsky has clawed his way up to the Popovych group. May 22, Friday: Stage 13, Lido di Camaiore - Firenze, 176 km. Year-to-Date Results Average speed for the first hour was 49.8 kph. If not, the team's Pro Tour license will probably be pulled. 30 km to go: The gap is 37sec. He's going 73 kph. Di Luca is doing better than one would have thought. If Di Luca is going to win this Giro, he has to keep batting away, getting seconds here and there because there is still the time trial in Rome, which plays to Leipheimer and Menchov. They'll be caught shortly. 4 laps of the circuit to go: Nope. Menchov had a solid lead at the line. The finish: Pellizotti takes the stage. Di luca remains the Maglia Rosa. 94 km to go: No one is trying for glory. In edicola dal 15 maggio. Gruppo Compatto. Flat stage. Che questo sia stato un Giro speciale lo abbiamo capito fin da quando è stata annunciata la partenza da Gerusalemme Ovest. The duo currently have a 5-minute lead. High mountains with a hilltop finish. The average speed of the race so far is 40.266 km/hr. It looks like Di Luca's teammate Alessandro Petacchi kept Menchov from grabbing the sprint. Wind from SSW at 5 to 10 mph (8 to 15 kph). The break is traveling at 51kph and the pack is chasing at 53kph. Christian Vande Velde (Garmin-Slipstream) crashed out of the Giro in this stage. Km 152: Stefano Garzelli went over Moncenisio alone with Juan Mauricio Soler chasing about a minute back. The pack just passed the road sign with the turn to the Turchino. Km 70: Over the third-category Montemagno the break's lead is 4min 45sec. 25 km to go: Gap is 3min even. Maglia Rosa group comes in at 1min 56sec. Armstrong is sitting near the back of the pack. The average speed for the third hour was 37.80 kph. 20% chance of rain in the afternoon. 8 km to go: It's Basso and Garzelli at the front. Garmin-Slipstream and Columbia riders are doing the work of keeping the speed high to keep things together. Km 66: The break has gone through Marradi 3min 40sec ahead of the pack. Serramenti riders De Bonis and Scarponi are leading the break with Popovych sitting in third. All the other big guns seem to be up there as well. Silence-Lotto, Acqua & Sapone, LPR are at the front of the peloton. Garzelli set off from the pack on a solo chase. 3 km to go: Columbia has moved to the front for Cavendish. The closest thing to a GC threat in the break is Barloworld rider Christopher Froome, over 14min down. The Maglia Rosa group looks like about 25-30 riders strong. 5 km to go: Sastre still leads Basso. Now his lead has grown to 20sec. Menchov is sitting in third place in the peloton, just behind his 2 domestiques. The average speed for the second hour is 44.90 kph. Km 115, 57 km to go: The 13 breakaways went over almost together, but the gaps closed up on the descent. Km 65: Right now it's the Popovych group followed by the break of 21 riders at 22sec and the peloton at 53sec. The peloton is compact and riding under sunny skies. Maarten Tjallingii was one of the 2 Rabobank riders in the break. Petacchi tried to come by, but just couldn't. None of the riders in the break is a GC threat. Di Luca group has been caught as they slow. There is now a break of 25 riders who are 1min 30sec ahead of the peloton. Petacchi wins the stage, Cavendish was second.. Cavendish should remain the Maglia Rosa. Km 5: 178 riders started in Forli today. Now Marcos Garcia (Xacobeo) has launched himself. Liquigas is leading the peloton. Di Luca went out with the fastest time at the first check point but ran out gas towards the end. Km 112, 125 to go: The gap is 6min 30sec. Voeckler is caught. 3 laps (43 km) to go: The speed is up to 43 kph. Marco Marzano (Lampre) has taken off after Isaichev. Leipheimer seems to be on the back of the Maglia Rosa group. May 13, Wednesday: Stage 5, San Martino di Castrozza - Alpe di Siusi, 125 km. Km 102: At the feed zone in Cassino the gap is 3min 15sec. They seem content to leave the break out there, sweeping up the bonuses. Rabobank seems very uninterested in helping him with that project. Gap from Facci and Krivstov to the peloton is 3min 40sec. Liquigas has moved to the front. Chapette's law says he'll get caught close to the end: in the closing stages of a race a determined peloton will chase down a break and close in at the rate of 1 minute per 10 kilometers traveled. The Maglia Rosa group is 4min 44sec behind the Cunego group. The organizers are expecting average speeds of between 51 and 55 km/hr which means the elpased times should come in from 22min and 20sec to 24min. The peloton is stretched out. Forster is over 4hr behind Menchov. Di Luca sticks with the Russian. If that's true, I wonder how happy Giro boss Zomagnan is after paying a (rumored) substantial sum to Armstrong to ride the Giro. Weather in Milan at noon, local time: 73F (23C), partly cloudy with variable winds at 3mph (5kph). I don't think the sprinters want to let this one get away. Garmin and Milram riders are at the front of the pack. Average speed for the stage so far is 36.7 kph. Rabobank has 2 riders at the front of the peloton. The peloton broke up into two pieces on the climb, separated by 40 seconds. Maybe this is Tyler Farrar's day. Gap is 3min 55sec. Time to go to work. In the peloton Liquigas is moving to the front. Di Luca is hammering with Menchov on his wheel. Average speed of the race so far is 37.027 kph. Still Columbia and Garmin at the front of the pack. Now it's 2 LPR riders at the front of the peloton with Di Luca sitting in third. 20 km to go: Little rings. News just came that Barloworld rider Juan Mauricio Soler has abandoned. Mixed terrain. Thomas Voeckler, Giovanni Visconti, Thomas Lovkvist, Constantsin Siutsou, Lars Ytting Bak and Evgeny Petrov are there as well. Sastre, Leipheimer, Lovkvist, Soler, Cunego, Basso, Di Luca are still up front. Km 55: A group of 16 riders went clear at km 27. High mountains. The leading LPR rider is hammering at the front, out of the saddle. 31 km to go: Most of the pack is descending with caution. Lampre is still chasing. Sastre is chasing now. 20 km to go: Pauwels/Bertagnolli then Basso/Garzelli at 2min 11sec and the Maglia Rosa group at 2min 49sec. Km 61: The break's lead has grown. Food 52 km to go: Popovych and Bosisio have caught Cunego and Scarponi. De 92e editie van de Ronde van Italië was een wielerronde die plaatsvond tussen 9 mei en 31 mei 2009. Garzelli is hovering right near the front, just behind the Liquigas riders. No Sastre here. Di Luca goes again and takes Menchov and Pellizotti. Edvald Boasson Hagen took the field sprint. The peloton is strung out into a long line. Km 77: Passing through San Martino and closing in on Lucca the gap is growing, now 5min 20sec. 2 km to go: Bam! Training & Coaching breedte 58cm. The break riders: Johann Tschopp, Dario Cataldo, Giovanni Visconti, Evgeni Petrov, Serge Pauwels, Carlos Ochoa, Jelle Venendert, Hector Gonzalez, David Lopez Garcia and Eduard Vorganov. De tekst is beschikbaar onder de licentie. Their lead is currently 6min 32sec. The next stop is Monte Nerone, rated as a first category climb (remember in the Giro this is the hardest rating, there is no Hors Category) and will be crested at km 157. Leonardo Bertagnolli is alone out in front now. He keeps moving up. Marzano is in sight with less than 10sec.