[21], Immigrants from specific countries are divided into several ethnic groups. Leggi successivo Ecco l’ultimo studio pro immigrati: ?”Accogliere non costa e ripopola” Successivo. [33], On average, immigrant students have weaker performance levels in reading, math, and science than their Danish peers at the end of compulsory education[73] One analysis of Denmark's results from the OECD's 2003 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) test[74] revealed that reading scores of Danish natives were much higher than those of immigrant and descendant students from Turkey, Lebanon, Pakistan, and former Yugoslavia, the four main countries of origin in the study. The six largest immigrant groups in Norway are Poles, Swedes, Somalis, Lithuanians, Pakistanis and Iraqis. It also corrected the statement that later generations were being compared, when, in fact, the study was covering same-aged youths, regardless of immigration generation, among other confounding factors, such as the relatively low number of descendants and immigrants. [78], A study by the Ministry of Immigration and Integration in 2018 found, among other findings in the study, that same-aged children and youth retain a disparity of results depending on immigration status, especially in the case of being a descendant of immigrant, adding a number of possible causes, such as a significantly lower average age for immigrant mothers, which by itself was theorized by the study to be because of increased restrictions to family reunification. Statistics Denmark defines European Union member countries, Iceland, Norway, Andorra, Examples of specific proposals are demolishment of existing neighbourhoods, requiring daycare institutions to accept at most 30% of children from ghettos, and allowing police to designate areas as "skærpede strafzoner", such that certain crimes committed within them are punished more severely than crimes committed elsewhere. As a result of the 1985 Schengen Agreement, there is free travel within Europe. [3], The granting of political asylum in conjunction with the Geneva Conventions greatly impacted immigration to Denmark from the 1980s onward. Migration topics remain closely connected with the territory of former Yugoslavia. [71] Despite low levels of education within Denmark's immigrant population, enrollment of immigrants in continuing education is higher than other nations with similar immigrant demographics, such as Germany. 13/02/2021 . In 2009, Sweden had the fourth largest number of asylum applications in the EU and the largest number per capita after Cyprus and Malta. [33] Gaps exist between immigrant and immigrant descendants' and Danish enrollment in secondary education between the ages of 16 and 19 for both men and women. Minister Inger Støjberg stated she planned to "stop housing child brides in asylum centres". Geografia fisica. A housing requirement mandated a space of 20 square meters per person in the accommodations provided by the current resident of Denmark. [68], On 1 January 2011 there were almost 229,000 people (11.1%) living in Slovenia with foreign country of birth. ", "BBC NEWS - Special Reports - Brits Abroad", "BBC NEWS - UK - Brits Abroad: Country-by-country", "Spain attracts record levels of immigrants seeking jobs and sun", "Bye Bye Blighty article: British Immigrants Swamping Spanish Villages? [5] As immigration and free movement from European Union member countries have increased, trade unions and economic experts have speculated that an increase in workers outside of trade unions, especially in the unskilled labor market, will lead to a weakening of labor union bargaining power and a drop in native Danes' wages. "La Parola non è una filosofia e neppure una religione, la Parola è Dio stesso che agisce in chi crede e rende Chiesa, comunità, famiglia: una grande sfida". Minor Norwegian parties seeking to limit immigration are the Democrats in Norway, the Christian Unity Party, the Pensioners' Party and the Coastal Party. Although religious demographics of immigrants to Denmark remain unclear, the perceived religious differences between immigrants and native Danes are a central theme in the political immigration debate. However, the EU-Turkey deal enacted in March 2016 dramatically reduced this number, and anti-immigrant measures starting in 2017 by the Italian government further cut illegal immigration from the Mediterranean route. The Ottomans once again established a multi-ethnic imperial structure across Western Asia and Southeastern Europe, but Turkification in Southeastern Europe was due more to cultural assimilation than to mass immigration. These residents often invest in property and business, and are perceived as living extravagant "jet-set" lifestyles marked by conspicuous consumption while simultaneously taking advantage of tax loopholes connected to non-dom status. [9][11] The scheme was approved by Danish parliament 19 December 2018. In February 2014, the Danish Minister of Justice suggested that child support be cut to immigrant families with youth found guilty of a crime. [15], In October 2017, the Danish Immigration Service rejected over 600 asylum applications because the applicants had lied about their identity in order to achieve preferential treatment. [74], According to a 2018 Yougov poll, 72% of Germans opposed accepting more migrants into the country. In addition to these theories, employment discrimination against immigrants has been identified as a possible barrier to workforce participation. [5][31] Recent numbers calculating the cost of immigration welfare benefits to the Danish economy are debated due to the number of complex factors involved. [47] This same 1996 study [46] found that the length of time immigrants live in Denmark can remediate some of these costs, with an increase in the number of years an immigrant lives in Denmark correlating a larger net contribution to the national, county, and municipal levels of the public sector. In 2015, the number of asylum seekers arriving from outside Europe increased substantially during the European migrant crisis (see timeline). The EU in 2005 had an overall net gain from international migration of 1.8 million people, which accounted for almost 85% of Europe's total population growth that year. A study of crime by country of origin from 1995 to 2000 found that Danes are more likely to violate the Road Traffic Act, whereas immigrants and descendants have a higher proportion of convictions for property violations and crimes of violence than Danes. [73] Second generation immigrants, however are enrolling in higher education at or above the level of their native Danish peers. June 23 rd 2016 European Countries – Real Estate Golden Visas. [citation needed], Another migration trend has been that of Northern Europeans moving toward Southern Europe. Historical migration into or within Europe has mostly taken the form of military invasion, but there have been exceptions; this concerns notably population movements within the Roman Empire under the Pax Romana; the Jewish diaspora in Europe was the result of the First Jewish–Roman War of AD 66–73. [6][7] In fact, with the earlier of the two recent enlargements of the EU, although most countries restricted free movement by nationals of the acceding countries, the United Kingdom did not restrict for the 2004 enlargement of the European Union and received Polish, Latvian and other citizens of the new EU states. Most new citizens came from Asia (40%) or Africa (32%); the largest three countries of origin were India, Pakistan and Bangladesh[48] with Indians making the largest group. [72], In February 2020, more than 10 000 individuals attempted to cross the border between Greece and Turkey after Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan opened its border to Europe, but they were blocked by Greek army and police forces. om året frem til år 2100", "Immigration, Integration, and the National Economy", "Publikation: Indvandrere i Danmark 2020", https://www.statbank.dk/statbank5a/SelectVarVal/Define.asp?MainTable=STRAFNA4&PLanguage=1&PXSId=0&wsid=cftree, https://www.statbank.dk/statbank5a/SelectVarVal/Define.asp?MainTable=FOLK2&PLanguage=1&PXSId=0&wsid=cftree, "More Immigrant Youngsters Becoming Criminals", European Research Centre on Migration and Ethnic Relations (ERCOMER), "Kriminalitet, retshåndhævelse og etniske minoriteter", "Spørgsmål nr. Its attorneys have handled hundreds of EB-1A, EB-1B, and NIW immigration cases. According to a Gallup poll in 2017, two out of three (64%) wished for limiting immigration from Muslim countries which was an increase from 2015 (54%). The share of residents of Slovenia with countries of birth from the territory of former Yugoslavia among all foreign-born residents was 88.9% at the 2002 Census and on 1 January 2011 despite new migration flows from EU Member States and from non-European countries still 86.7%. A study of crime statistics from 1990 to 2001 found greater proportion of non-Western immigrant and descendant populations are convicted of committing a crime than Western immigrants and descendants and their Danish peers. [71], Until 2006, Danish immigrant pupils had the privilege to receive instruction of their mother tongue. [82] Immigration was first mentioned in political party agendas in 1981, when less than 1% of political agenda content was devoted to the issue. [3], At the end of the 1960s immigration policy became more stringent, greatly reducing the number of immigrants arriving in Denmark. A publication by the Danish Housing Sector[41] describes considerations of government policies concerning ghettos in saying: Parallel societies create constraints rather than opportunities, have a negative effect on immigration, counteract efforts in the areas of employment and social welfare and leave children and young people with poor job and education prospects. Net immigration was 76,000. "[79], This was also covered under an article from the Danish newspaper, Berlingske, which initially proclaimed the study as "disproving the notion that with the right kind of help, immigrants and their descendants will eventually tend to the same levels of education and employments as Danes. Major media, political parties, and a large share of the public believe that anti-immigration sentiment has increased since the country's riots of 2005. The data are presented as a slopegraph that shows the connections between countries. As of June 2013, residential areas are legally considered ghettos if it satisfies three out of the following five criteria: residents of the area's income is 55% or below the region's income average, 50% of residents between the ages of 30 and 59 have not been educated past primary school, 2.7% of residents have been convicted of a crime, more than 50% of residents have non-western countries of origin, and 40% of adults between the ages of 18 and 64 are not working or in school. In 2018, a poll by Pew Research found that a majority (58%) wanted fewer immigrants to be allowed into the country, 30% wanted to keep the current level and 10% wanted to increase immigration.

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