Follow. When you need to create any Fiori App, what do you need to consider? p.s. In our example we will focus on a single S/4HANA Core system as this is the default scenario for most customers. Implement the BADI for updating the decision, My Inbox - Open Task - SWFVISU configuration, My Inbox and SWFVISU Visualisation Limitations in Migration (Plus possible solution), Additional info on S2 View / S3 View In Fiori Apps, Extended Approval Notification with SAP Fiori Component, Real-time notifications and workflow using ABAP Push Channels (websockets)  Part 3: Creating a UI5 Application for receiving notifications, My Inbox: Custom workflow with "Advancing with Immediate Dialog", How to run My Inbox app in standalone / header ... | SCN, How to create a custom data provider for Task Gateway, How to implement an OData provider for My Inbox, SAP Fiori My Inbox and Outlook -- Working with Workflows in Outlook / Office 365, SAP Workflow Apps for Office Application using SAP Gateway for Microsoft, How to display application data in My Inbox app, How to Guide: SAP Fiori - Adding a Custom Workflow Scenario to the SAP Fiori Approve Requests in 6 Steps, SAP Fiori - Adding a Custom Workflow in 6 Steps, How to display application data in SAP Fiori Approve Requests app. When you log on into the Fiori Launchpad, These sub apps provide delivered task-specific detail displays for standard workflows. Example in the screenshot below: There are two (2) main approaches when positioning Fiori My Inbox as a tile in the Fiori Launchpad. Latest Updates: Added links and new My Inbox sub apps available as of SAP S/4HANA 1809, and updated link to the FES Deployment Recommendations. 4. Purchase order workflow is pretty standard so we will not talk about it in this blog. Please feel free to insert the link of your document or blog by selecting the edit button from Actions. Purchase requisition workflow is heavily customized […] This is a preview of a SAP Knowledge Base Article. Once the above setup is done, Purchase Order is created as below. NOTE: Be careful not to assume that predecessor Fiori Approval apps still apply in SAP S/4HANA. SAP Fiori app ids included to make identification easier. Unfortunately there is no such configuration option to exclude just certain workflows. In part 2, we look at the Task-specific Configuration and Extension Options for S/4HANA. Symptom. Generally speaking, as long as the needed field (or even reference field/s for a join) is within the underlying CDS views, then there is no need to edit anything else but the extend views. My Inbox: PO Approval . This is done in the IMG (transaction SPRO). (this note contains the list of patch notes for the My Inbox FIORI side). What’s the use case for exclusion? Latest Update 02 Oct 2019: Added new inbox app for Purchase Order Accruals available from SAP S/4HANA 1909. Release Information Note for SAP Fiori My Inbox Implementation Tasks. The main difference to other Fiori Apps comes when we activate the OData Service which is /IWPGW/TASKPROCESSING version 002. For My Inbox 1.0, refer to SAP note 2106212. Tip: You will find more information in the General Functions for Key Users guide, section Business Workflow for your SAP S/4HANA version, and in the app documentation for My Inbox in the SAP S/4HANA product page for your SAP S/4HANA version. We will use SAP Business Workflow examples in this blog as that is the more common scenario for customers transitioning to SAP S/4HANA from predecessor SAP platforms, and is currently the default workflow environment provided in the SAP S/4HANA core server. For My Inbox 2.0, refer to SAP note 2221151. Latest Update October 2020: Added new sub app available from SAP S/4HANA 2020 and for the My Inbox scenario for Plant Maintenance, Quality Management and Bank Account Management. “My Inbox” is also one of the apps that can be easily installed and used in production environments with little to no customization! Latest Update 29 April 2020: Added 2 new apps available from SAP S/4HANA 1909 FPS01. There is no business value in rediscovering issues that have already been discovered and resolved by other customers. Add SAP Fiori apps from your catalogs to the group. our test userid, Create System Connections for the Task Gateway, Activate the ICF node that is the app’s entry point, Activate the OData Service(s) that provide data content to the app, Provide a single “All Items” tile that gathers all work items from all workflow providers for that user, Provide one or more filtered scenario specific tiles that gathers specific work items based on a selected tasks for a specific business role. The Scenario ID defines the list of tasks to be included in the Scenario Specific Inbox. Cannot open My Inbox app Do NOT physically delete them of course as that would result in orphaned work items, Pre-requisites for SAP Fiori My Inbox app, Active work items in an active workflow environment, Up-to-date installation of SAP Fiori My Inbox, Basic SAP Fiori My Inbox Configuration in SAP S/4HANA, Create system connections for the Task Gateway. These are often provided as part of the SAP S/4HANA documentation. F2729 (Verify Journal Entries in General Ledger – For Processor (Outbox)) is a SAP S/4HANA Transactional app used by a General Ledger Accountant through user interface (UI) technology SAP Fiori: My Inbox. Latest Updates: Added links and new My Inbox sub apps available as of SAP S/4HANA 1709. My Inbox 2.0 app My Inbox 2.0 was released on January 2016. Is it a concern about accessing it on certain devices. Official SAP note: 2676990 – Release Information note for SAP Fiori My Inbox. So as usual we need to: IMPORTANT: Please note the recommendation for SAP S/4HANA solution for activation is to use the relevant activation Task Lists for greater efficiency, i.e. Title My Inbox. As the Task Gateway runs in the Fiori Frontend Server, this System Alias is created in the Fiori Frontend Server and points to the SAP S/4HANA core, i.e. 2449058 Approve workflow from My Inbox Not Working The reason for the _PGW system alias is to assign the OData Service to the special Task Gateway services for work item extraction. For example, if we want to use SAP Business Workflow as our workflow provider, we need someone with workflow skills to confirm: Tip: We find out which workflow ids we need activated in the app’s documentation or sometimes in SAP Notes such as SAP Note 2371741 – Additional Information for approval of Purchasing Documents within S/4HANA. 2440694-Related Objects Link Not Visible on Mobile - SAP Fiori My Inbox App Symptom The Related Objects link (chain link icon) is available on the desktop version of My Inbox… Even though these are part of the standard SAP S/4HANA install, we should confirm the support packs versions installed, as one of our first steps is to make sure that the My Inbox installation is in the best possible state. For example the following are scenarios including in the Environmental Health and Safety: You can also create Scenario Specific inbox tiles for other workflow scenarios such as, The Scenario is applied to the tile configuration using the parameter scenarioId –as with this example from Tile Catalog SAP_TC_EHS_HS_COMMON showing the parameter scenarioId=EHS_HS_HAZMAT. 3. 2747393-Fiori My Inbox app - Decision not working if a comment is added. Background:You can easily integrate your custom workflow scenarios to the My Inbox app in a few days.2118812 - How to Extend SAP Fiori My InboxSAP Fiori - Adding a Custom Workflow in 6 StepsHow to Guide: SAP Fiori - Adding a Custom Workflow Scenario to the SAP Fiori Approve Requests in 6 StepsBut a challenge is displaying application data. Also added a section on the related flexible workflow apps. It all comes down to which tasks we want to provide to which users as work items. Specific useful notes on how-to OSS note for my Inbox FIORI app : 2421785 – How to Customize the Decision Keys In My Inbox Fiori App Creating and Assigning Launchpad Catalogs and Groups Today we will describe the steps required to embed a custom application within SAP Fiori “My Inbox” application. SAP My Inbox Fiori App. If we want employees to respond to a rejected request then that may be done via My Inbox as well. Like other Fiori Apps we can activate this using the Task Manager (transaction STC01) with task list SAP_GATEWAY_ACTIVATE_ODATA_SERV. We have some third party workflows that the last step is for the workflow agent to confirm that the workflow finished. Test the workflow in the backend before implementing the app, Fiori My Inbox - Step 3. In this document we will explain the configuration for the substitutions functionality. please suggest if we have to do any config. Go to the “My Inbox” App . The first duty is to search in the Fiori Library– it is the Bible/Warehouse of Fiori Apps. It’s important to understand this multi-provider approach, as it drives much of the configuration and extension approaches for Fiori My Inbox. Category: Fiori AppsThis is a collaborative document to share lessons learned contents for Fiori My Inbox app in the community SAP Fiori.Please feel free to insert the link of your document or blog by selecting the edit button from Actions. 4. You can find the delivered technical content for each SAP Fiori app in the SAP Fiori apps reference library. Where users frequently handle multiple business roles they are typically more likely to want all their work in one inbox. SAP Basis NetWeaver 7.0 or higher with Gateway Backend component: SAP IW BEP 200 (IW_BEP 200) SP 09, SAP Basis NetWeaver 7.40 or higher with minimum Gateway Foundation component: SAP_GWFND 740 SP08, {"serverDuration": 78, "requestCorrelationId": "ba1119ca2f98cd11"}, How to set up My Inbox 2.0 (step by step guide), SAP Note 2527564 - how to disable substitution in Fiori My Inbox, Email Notifications for Pending Workflow Approvals in S/4HANA, What’s new in My Inbox for S/4HANA (Scenario : Approve PO), Where to find App-Specific Settings for SAP Fiori apps, Configuring Fiori Launchpad for Push Notifications (loose ends), Leading S/4HANA UX - Notification Center - Part 2 - Providing Notifications, Leading S/4HANA UX - Notification Center - Part 1 - Activation, Leading S/4HANA UX - Fiori My Inbox - Part 1 Activation, Leading S/4HANA UX - Fiori My Inbox - Part 2 Task-Specific Options, Embellishing your Approvals Without Coding (My Inbox), My Inbox - SAP Fiori for Request Approvals 1.0 - SAP Library, Solving the workflow inbox clutter - Manage all your workflow tasks in SAP Fiori, Fiori My Inbox = Approve Requests + Unified Inbox, Register now: Solving the workflow inbox clutter - Manage all your workflow tasks in SAP Fiori, Unified Inbox with SAP Fiori (My Inbox) | SAP TechEd Lecture of the Week, App Implementation: My Inbox - SAP Fiori Apps - SAP Library, Real Life Experiences Extending Fiori My Inbox, SAP Fiori LL18 - System Aliases definition for Fiori, Fiori My Inbox - Step 1. Also, the customizing needed in the backend for My inbox and, in the last sections, the creation of a tile in the Fiori Launchpad and the assignation of roles to the users that will see their … 2018-04-18 added notes on known SAP Cloud Solution APIs used for My Inbox integration, Looking for a volunteer to create how to guide. This solution only applies for configurations where the /IWPGW/TASKPROCESSING is used for the visualization of the tasks and for systems with SAP_GWFND 751 SW component.. Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. As mentioned by my colleague Prathiba what we want to achieve is getting SAP Workflows which are currently available in SAP Fiori My Inbox: in Outlook I agree that the UI shown in this screen is not the most beautiful one, but it works and it is only supposed to be the starting point for whatever UX enhancements you want to create. Latest Update 22 May 2019: Added new inbox app for Payments available in SAP S/4HANA 1809 FPS02. to the workflow provider. This system alias in the SAP S/4HANA core needs to reference the System ID and Client listed in the _PGW system alias used in the Fiori Frontend Server. Search. SAP Fiori My Inbox 2.0 App. An All Items tile is provided in the Tile Catalog SAP_TC_CA_MYINBOX. So before we begin configuration we should check the Fiori Apps Library and the SAP Support Launchpad to find and apply the latest support notes for Fiori My Inbox relevant to our landscape. Use cases of such scenario are endless as customers always have their custom workflows and wish to expose additional functionality to end users. 2421785 How to Customize the Decision Keys In My Inbox Fiori App : Note relevant in case the buttons for the actions are available in My Inbox, but no action is done when clicking on the buttons. This blog explains how to configure SAP Fiori My Inbox. For My Inbox 1.0, refer to SAP note 2106212. SAP Knowledge Base Article - Preview. This whitepaper shows the configuration of Fiori My Inbox 2.0: Installation of components needed in the gateway, OData services needed and some hints on how to perform a basic workflow customizing. You are using My Inbox Fiori App and when you open it and select a workitem, details are not being displayed. App type: Transactional (SAP Fiori: My Inbox) Database: HANA DB exclusive Required Back-End Product: SAP S/4HANA Features: Using the Fiori service entry sheet approval app, you can view and either approve or reject pending entries. However it is worth noting that we can use SAP Fiori My Inbox to show multiple work items from multiple workflow providers hosted in multiple systems. However you might be able to workaround it by providing a basic custom task Ui for the offending tasks that simply gives a text on how to access it. In other words the name of the Scenario ID must match that defined in configuration in the IMG in the Fiori Frontend Server. The following sections list tasks that have to be performed to implement the required components of the app. One of our clients has a requirement to use FIORI My Inbox App and SAP GUI for their PO and PR approval process, client is using SAP S4HANA 1610. SAP Fiori app ids included to make identification easier. The ICF node is /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/ca_fiori_inbox and can be activated using the Task Manager (transaction STC01) with task list SAP_BASIS_ACTIVATE_ICF_NODES in the same way we activate the ICF node for any other Fiori App. Installing “My Inbox” took me less than four hours. Like all SAP Fiori Apps, SPA Fiori My Inbox needs to be activated in the Fiori Frontend Server. It is based on observation and experimentation. It’s arguably the most requested app in the entire SAP Fiori Apps reference library. By the way a screenshot would be helpful e.g. We can reuse an existing RFC destination, but its best to create a specific System Alias just for My Inbox with the suffix _PGW, e.g. Note 2211398 – MM-Transition to S/4: Fiori Apps. The following is an unofficial APIs that may prove useful for integrating SAP Cloud solutions to Fiori My Inbox. In addition if you wish to use the new Flexible Workflow for SAP S/4HANA to create workflows for My Inbox you will also need to activate the following apps: Find out more about the new flexible workflow in the SAP Help Portal > General Functions for key users guide for your SAP S/4HANA version, section Manage Workflows, You will also find a comparison in this useful blog SAP S/4HANA Flexible Workflow Overview and comparison with SAP Business Workflow and a video guide at SAP HANA Academy – SAP S/4HANA RIG: Adapting Workflows in S/4HANA. This module holds the Fiori My Inbox User Interfaces themselves. Official SAP note: 2676990 – Release Information note for SAP Fiori My Inbox. (this note contains the list of patch notes for the My Inbox FIORI side). In the Task Definition of the Scenario we list the Task Ids that are included in the Scenario. For that situation I would suggest a different approach.. which is to schedule a periodic job to complete the offending notification using one of the workflow APIs, e.g automatically complete any notification older than 14 days. SAP Business Suite (ABAP) & Suite on HANA. confirming the solution modules loaded on the Fiori Frontend server. In Fiori, the item count of My Inbox app shows 0 items. Once again it’s good to check the documentation and SAP Notes for hints on what’s needed to assign workflow agents to the workflows in scope. Tip: Some of the extension options are also covered in more depth in the Fiori My Inbox wiki. You can see the allitems=true parameter in the screenshot below: If we do want to configure a scenario specific inbox, we need to know what tasks to include for what workflows in our scenario. 2256769-SAP Fiori App 'My Inbox' does not show any items. Answers Include Comments Get RSS Feed. Please post your question in It now becomes pretty simple to update/enhance the output of the SAP Fiori App: My Inbox – Approve Purchase Requisitions (F0401A) for anyone familiar with CDS views. S4H100_PGW. For My Inbox 2.0, refer to SAP note 2221151; Ensure that SAP Gateway and backend systems have compatible software components based on compatibility matrix mentioned within SAP note 1942072; For My Inbox related issues, raise a … However, My Inbox still sees this as a valid step for the end user. Hello, I have installed and configured the My inbox App for my custom workflow. Follow these steps: Log in to the SAP Fiori launchpad designer. Patches required to support the Task Gateway services that are the foundation of My Inbox capabilities are summarized in Note 2221151 – Release Information note for SAP Fiori My Inbox 2.0. Removed Marketing Approvals app for SAP S/4HANA Cloud which has been deprecated. Look for function modules with the prefix SAP_WAPI_   These are well known & relatively straightforward to use. VERY IMPORTANT:  SAP Fiori My Inbox is arguably the most requested, most used, and therefore most tested Fiori apps in the entire Fiori Apps Library. SAP Fiori My Inbox App Posted on Sep 28, 2015 at 02:36 PM | 673 Views . In the next blog we look at the extensibility options that come with My Inbox as of SAP S/4HANA 1610. Of course you do! A lot of end users simply ignore that final confirmation because the task itself has already been completed. This is the first of the SAP S/4HANA 1610  and higher specifics. Of course, if you’ve activated Fiori My Inbox before on Business Suite, Suite on HANA or SAP S/4HANA 1511 you may think you’ve seen it all before. SAP Fiori 1.0 ; SAP Fiori front-end server 2.0 ; SAP Fiori front-end server 3.0 ; SAP Fiori front-end server 4.0 ; SAP NetWeaver 7.5 Keywords BPM, FLP, approve requests, , KBA , CA-INB-FIO , Fiori UI for My Inbox Application , Problem If you are implementing the My Inbox app for SAP Business Workflow, for more informaiton, see SAP … There are 4 steps to configuring Fiori My Inbox: SAP Fiori My Inbox needs to be able to extract work items from multiple providers. SAP Documents: Note 2538184 - Migration Guide for UWL to My Inbox Note 2221151 - Release Information note for SAP Fiori My Inbox 2.0 for SAP_UI 7.50; Note 2284716 - Documentation for SAP Fiori for Request Approvals 2.0; My Inbox - SAP Fiori for Request Approvals 1.0 - SAP Library; SAP Fiori Apps Reference Library; Note 2118812 - How to Extend SAP Fiori My Inbox Filter by the catalog ZSAP_FND_BC_MANAGER_T_GRP. Requirements and Corresponding Solutions. The version of SAP Fiori My Inbox used in SAP S/4HANA is Fiori My Inbox 2.0. There are some alternatives that may help in that situation. Blog comments is not the correct place to ask questions – especially about specific config. For example we might have a SAP S/4HANA core with a SAP BPM system and an older SAP SRM server in our landscape, and want to bring all work items in one place. service /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/ca_fiori_inbox in SICF. First and foremost SAP Fiori My Inbox is a workflow inbox. 2421360 Action Buttons are not displayed in Fiori My inbox App. The same is appearing in … Testing My Inbox, Fiori My Inbox - Step 5. Creating a Scenario Specific is possible if we listed every workflow we want, but it would require a lot of maintenance just so we did not have the two or three workflows that we don’t want in My Inbox. The first step is checking that My Inbox app 2.0 is working properly. While you can’t use Cloud-only sub apps directly in an SAP S/4HANA On Premise system, they can be a starting point for ideas for your own custom task-specific extensions. Many of these have been moved to Fiori My Inbox, e.g.